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Infusion Sets

Medtronic MiniMed® infusion sets are designed with your body and lifestyle in mind. Whether you are new to pump therapy or an experienced user, we have a set to suit you.


Are you sometimes experiencing a kinked cannula?

You may want to try the MiniMed Silhouette infusion set. It offers the flexibility to adjust the depth of insertion by choosing the insertion angle between 20° and 45°. You can therefore adjust the depth of insertion so that the cannula does not reach your muscular tissue. If you are currently using a vertical insertion set with a long cannula (8 or 9mm), you may also want to try using a shorter cannula-length of 6mm.

Have you ever experienced air bubbles in the tubing?

In such occurrence, you should disconnect the tubing and prime out the air, then reconnect the tubing to the set, ensuring that connections are tight. Ensure insulin is always at room temperature before use.

Do you sometimes feel you need to carry too many supplies in your pocket/bag?

You may want to try the MiniMed Mio infusion set. This all-in-one infusion set is packaged in a compact rigid box containing both the set and an intergrated serter. It is easy to carry with you or in your bag.

Have you sometimes experienced infusion set dislodging due to water activities, sweating or intense physical activity?

You may want to use skin preparation wipes, or an over-tape adhesive to reinforce the adherence.